Friday, August 20, 2010

At least all my maladies have cool names:

This one's called Labyrinthitis. Sweet. Now here's an awesome shot:

This is inner ears, not whatever else you're thinking...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Please Please Please

I'm going back to the gym tomorrow morning -- first time running again since the bad event. (Please let it not happen again!) Wish me luck, because I have to stay a runner, and I can't afford another ER visit.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Well it's been a while, but chance caused me to stumble upon the ordinary, yet amusing blog of another twenty-something. That's all it took to get me inspired to write, at least for this post.

If you'd asked me a week ago I would've said this was an uneventful summer. That was before my major disaster of the summer (read: anaphylactic allergic reaction), and several other minor (by comparison) catastrophes. At least I have a new "most embarrassing" story. Tripping on my face in front of a cute boy can't hold a candle to being strapped to that gurney and wheeled through a crowd of onlookers by a troop of paramedics. Cute paramedics. Ugh. I, however, did NOT look cute. Anaphylaxis does not leave a lot of room for vanity. Now I have my trusty Epi-Pen, so in the future I can (hopefully) save myself. That is, if I can bring myself to stab my own thigh with that ginormous needle. My sister reassuringly pointed out that if I couldn't breathe, I probably wouldn't have to deal with a whole lot of hesitation about that.

At this point I'm looking for a little more boring in my summer. At least I have the BL camping trip coming up in a few days, while not *boring* by any means, it will definitely be a welcome distraction. There's something about not showering for three days and smelling like sweat and campfire that is surprisingly good for the soul. Not to mention that during camping you can eat as many s'mores as you want without feeling guilty. Let's see how long it takes the campers on either side of our group to request to change spaces. The first year, they got scared off after Jodi stalked around our campsite at 2 a.m. trying to finish off the last beer she needed for her "beer-can wizard staff." The second year our antics weren't so rowdy, but our failure to successfully stake the tent caused quite the midnight ruckus when it then collapsed on us in the rain. The neighbors probably weren't too impressed with all the profanities being screamed as we tried to re-establish the poles and stakes in the dark.

Only eight more weeks until school starts. Can't wait. I told my family I may want to do another degree after this one, I think they were a little less than thrilled, especially since I couldn't pinpoint exactly what I'd go back for... working was strongly suggested as an alternative. I'm just going to enjoy campus life as long as it can last.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ski to Sea, etc.

Blogging seems like a good idea in lieu of writing for class, which is what I should be doing right now. Who cares about customer flows any way?

Ski to Sea this weekend with the Better Lovers book club was amazing as usual. Downhill leg, which should actually be renamed "uphill hike" was fun, except for one rugged fall I took on the way down. The important part is, that even though I got a little terrified that I may die up there, and the wind was knocked out of me, I kept going! Hurrah! Everything was almost perfect.

Once my leg was over, I met up with our fearless kayaker to bring her the food she requested to be race-ready: cheese. I should've brought her a hot cocoa though so that she could have fended off the hypothermia she suffered while trying to reach shore a few hours later.

Racing is scary, but also fun and after ski to sea and the 8k I ran a few weeks ago, I think I am ready to sign up for a few more to help keep me in shape this summer. One week from tomorrow, the first year of my program will be done! I am excited, but I'll also miss my classmates during the summer. We've sort of become like one big, whining Italian family. I think I got pretty lucky to have such smart and wonderful people around me every day. They've opened my world to a myriad of new things: famous Russell Crowe lines, how to win at "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", studying via osmosis, The Economist, and a lot of TMI.

If I could stay in school forever, I just might...

Monday, February 15, 2010

More cuteness at the Woods!

Oh my God I LOVE old people!

More interesting than Macroeconommics

I love eavesdropping. Right now I am listening to a precious boy at Woods coffee have a phone conversation. He's talking about how, even if you feel lonely, you shouldn't settle for less than a great relationship, because you want someone "for the long haul." Sometimes boys can be surprisingly endearing.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Down with Love!

A guy friend gave me the best compliment of my life yesterday - I keep thinking about it. I'm spending all my time with a guy who should've been married to someone else right now. I spent three years in a relationship that dead-ended after two. What is this romance stuff all about anyway??! How do people even commit to spending their entire lives together?