Saturday, September 20, 2008


Okay okay, finally a new post (finally internet). Have been in Hawaii for about three weeks or so, and so far, it's great! Obviously I miss a few bham things: my family, the better lovers, the beav, and yes, even the rain. My translucent skin and I are still trying to adjust to the constant sunshine and 80 degree weather. So far we haven't ventured too far outside of Waikiki, but Celina and I did visit a nice quiet beach the other day called "Sandy Beach," creative eh? It is also known as break-neck beach because the waves break so hard on the shore that if you get caught up in them you can literally break yourself. Don't worry, I already experienced the unseen wave and my subsequent underwater tumble through the sand onto shore. When I got home not only was there sand in my bottoms, but I found a rock the size of marble had also made it in there somehow. Don't ask me how I didn't notice that until I got home. I think I was too water logged and confused from my wave ass-kicking.

I want to learn to surf. I told a few people this (ahem, Sarah) and shortly thereafter received a wall post linking me to an article about "Surfer's Myelopathy: first time surfer's go paralyzed in Hawaii" Thanks.

I got a job as a barista for Seattle's best. I like the girls who work there a lot and the location (across the street from Waikiki Beach) but tips haven't been as good as they were at Cruisin'... I am told this is normal for coffee houses as opposed to coffee stands. Hopefully I can support myself on what I am making so that I don't have to get a second job. Milk out here costs $8, and I like milk.

I also am dependent on public transportation out here. It's quite an experience since I have never had a bus pass and very rarely ever took a bus in Bellingham. I find it's a pretty great spot for people watching. Today I saw a very old lady fall asleep on the bus, and I thought maybe she had died. I started to get pretty worried but she woke up after the bus came to a sudden halt. I wondered what buses do in case of on-board emergencies. Does the whole bus detour to the hospital or do they pull over and wait for an ambulance? I also saw two Germans in wacky outfits and a cute curly haired kid who liked to read out the names of all the stores we passed. People on the bus often smell, and it is difficult to go grocery shopping without a car, but other than that I really like it.

Well, there is a really nice sunset going on that I can see from the Lanai, so I am going to wrap this up by saying, our condo has plenty of couch and floor space, so come visit!


KJW said...

Woo! Woo! Post from Hawaii!

SA said...

i'll push you around in a wheelchair if something happens after you surf...hahah oh and I once heard this horror story of someone dead on the bus in NY but they actually had been murdered.... terrible i know...I am just trying to make sure you're careful!!! well now that I am another Debbie me soon! miss ya ! loveSA

D.I. Zzo said...

More! More! More!