Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have neglected this blog

I kept meaning to write in here but something always distracts me. That, and the fact that we all have to fight for internet time with our one plug in. Living in Waikiki has been a great experience so far, and I am finally beginning to adjust to the constant and almost oppressive heat (poor me). I have been working at Seattle's Best Coffee and am really liking it, the only trouble is the money: it doesn't pay as well as Cruisin and I am living in an expensive city, so I may have to look around for something a little more lucrative, and by that I mean something that pays more than $11 an hour.

I am very excited for people to come visit! I would even be excited if some people called me back (you all know who you are) because we don't have that many friends out here yet...

Last week C and I went to North Shore, a little town called Haleiwa (pronounced Hala - eva) which is reputed to have some of the best surfing in the world and the best sno-cones. We found it is a little difficult to eat them before they melt though... as for surfing, well I haven't tried it yet. Maybe when people come to visit.

What else is there to do besides lay on the beach? I spend a lot of time relaxing, playing yahtzee, reading, and doing crossword puzzles. I know that sounds grandma-ish, but it's fun! We have found some of the best drink specials in Waikiki and, my personal favorite, the best dessert in town. Did I mention you all should come visit?!

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flanhoodles said...

i hear you about the heat. it was 93 here on tuesday. have you been hitting up wailana for french toast?