Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Oh Christmas. Was a good one as it always is. The older I get the more I appreciate Christmas for it's true meaning rather than for it's commercial meaning. When I was younger I understood that Christmas was a celebration of one of the most historically significant events of all time - the birth of Christ, but it is sure hard to remember when you are tearing through a pile of gifts and stockings. My family was late to church this year. As in the service started at 5:30 and we showed up at 6:20 because we thought it started at 6:30. So we got in a good 15 minutes of hymn singing before we were ushered out. My dad said, "Well it's quality, not quantity" and no one was motivated enough to wake up and get dressed for the Christmas morning service. So it goes.

I got a pair of snowboarding boots for Christmas, to go with the board I got for my birthday last month. Now if only I could snowboard well. Everyone is always saying I will get good if I just keep practicing. While I know this is true and I want to be a good snowboarder, it is discouraging to know that I will have to go up and fall on my ass several times before I can get anywhere. My toughest time is getting off the chairlift. It was particularly embarrassing last time I went because my friend Jameson was working the first run I went on, so every time I had to get off the lift, he was there. This is kind of my style: scoot to the edge of the chair, halfway hanging off, set my board as steadily as possible on the ground and push off from the edge of the chair with as much momentum as I can get, so that when I fall over in a heap on the ground it is as far away from the oncoming chairlift people as possible. Then, because I can never seem to get far enough away from the chairlift when I fall down, I basically crawl/bunny hop/drag myself as quickly as I can to an area clear of oncoming skiiers and snowboarders. It's pretty graceful as you can imagine.

Met the boy's parents yesterday. I think it went well, I did my best to be charming but it is so hard to be charming when you are nervous... Relationships are kind of weird. On the one hand its really strange to have to feel even semi-responsible/accountable to another person, having to check in with someone everyday is not something I'm used to at all. Independent streak. On the other hand, it is really nice to hang out with someone who's company you truly enjoy, who can make you laugh and brighten up your day. Someone you want to see all the time, even despite the obligation to do so, which is inherent in relationships. Still have no super long term designs however, still want to travel, go to grad school and live a little. I am not the settling down type right now at all, luckily, neither is he. The end of college is the beginning of a whole world of opportunity right? Well I like to think so.


Kelly said...

Do his parents call him Dizzo?

L. Derkins said...

Hahah - anything is possible