Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas, etc.

Yay for Christmas!! I love Christmas and all the church carols and spirit! On Christmas morning Allison and I both opened our gifts. She: cooking aprons, knitting supplies, cookbooks and cookware. Me: A bottle of wine and a quesadilla maker. Surely you can see the difference in our personalities reflected in the gifts my parents (or Santa) chose to give us.

A couple things I love:
- Old friends coming to town
- New sweaters
- Starting to write PR for my job (yay)
- Reading Calvin and Hobbes with the boy over hot cocoa
- Wearing the boy's comfy socks (when he shares his stuff)

A couple big pet peeves:
- People bailing out for lame reasons
- When you call someone and they let other people answer their phone and you have to deal with five minutes of "but this is him/her"
- When people don't chip in gas money. I know gas is expensive right now, but that's the point. I don't have any money either, so chip in and share the load.

Back to Grey's. More to write later on Monday at the office.... such a boring day at work it always is.

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Kelly Jean Walden said...

"Such a boring day at work it always is." Ha - how Yoda!

Yay for Christmas, indeed. I am happy for you and your quesadilla maker, but only if you pronounce the double l's like the l sound instead of the y sound. That's funnier.

Finally, I think I am going to make you old roomies write me in your schedule one evening and we can have a girly wine night! Yeahhhh! I will bring a bottle of my finest and homemade hummus.