Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snow (Hey Oh)

Yes I stole that from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it was a fitting title. The show Grey's Anatomy steals all their episode title's from songs. So there.

My computer is doing a weird thing. It behaves as its normally fully functional self, when all of a sudden, Poof! It shuts off. This happens about every other day or so, but today it happened twice. If I weren't so poor I would take it in to the shop. But so it goes.

In studying for the GMAT's I have realized that nearly everthing that I learned in tenth grade geometry and algebra have left me, including the multiplication table for values higher than 5. Sad. So I am working on my second "GMAT study prep" math section book.

On Tuesday at work I am being job trained by the woman the company fired in order to make way for me... So that is a little intimidating. Last day at work at MBI (friday) was sad. They did bring me a delicious cake, which made me love them disproportionately more than normal, so that wasn't very fair.

I am feeling a little tempermental today and am chalking it up to PMS. Somedays people just get irritating, especially bossy people. The boy once told me that the deadly sin that would describe me best is wrath. This really hurt my feelings at the time and I'm still not happy about it, but I can see some truth in it. I am easily annoyed. I am seriously trying to work on that. What mostly ends up happening though is that I get silently easily annoyed. Still working...

I think I may go downstairs now to watch the Cutting Edge. Classic and perfect for a snowy snowy day. Hope it clears up for morning service at church, I will probably have to show up in a parka (I am always cold).

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Kelly Jean Walden said...

I love multiplication. I will help you.

Kelly Walden x 1 = INFINITELY AWESOME!