Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ralph B. Stearns

Yeah, so the whole myspace blog abandonment hasn't gone so well. Have barely written anything in my other blog. If I weren't so busy writing for school it would be easier...
So I am back with myspace, at least for now.

Let's think what is new to update on. Have watched about 5 hours of Sex and the City in the last week or so. Finally watched the Newsies, a "must see" for all journalism students, so I am told. Went to the Lighthouse valentine cocktail party in a dress I could barely breath in, with the first v-day date I have had in years. Went ghost hunting behind Sycamour Square because one of my sources for my 'Haunted Bellingham' piece told me it was a hotbed of paranormal activity. Caught Abe Lincoln in a cuddly mood last night and we watched the end of a movie together, at least I watched and he purred and tried to nip my chin. Found out recently that in 1928 a person named Ralph B. Stearns died in my house, hopefully it was in Kelly's room.

Latest love: old men, specifically the man who runs the Up and my mailman, who wears a floppy, white, wide-brimmed hat and short little shorts that show off his bony knees. Also love Charlotte of S&C, and the little red haired boy on Love Actually. Have been going through a huge Tracy Chapman phase, folk music is most excellent. A little boy at Wiser Lake church today asked for my help finding a hymn in his hymn book.

Latest Gripe: Miscommunication, fact-checking on other reporters' drafts, cramps, the washer and dryer never being free because people forget to cycle their laundry, then it gets piled in the kitchen, expenses and poor money management on my part, vain Christian men who brag incessantly and act like they are God's gift - and the Christian women who are desperate enough to indulge this conceited behavior. Nauseating.

This is my last SERIOUS quarter at Western. Next quarter will be all 100-level lecture hall courses on British literature and art history and some afternoons spent kayaking on Lake Whatcom. I have been waiting for all that hard upper division, huge credit load crap I have done my whole college career to pay off, and now it finally is. Spring is all about sunshine, walks to boulevard, slacklining, frisbee, kayaking, hiking, staying out late and drinking good beer, bluegrass and reggae, roadtrips and sandals. I just have to make it through March first...


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Kelly said...

Ralph B. Stearns actually croaked in 1921 not 1928, but I'll let it go. Ralph may not, though. Expect some haunts.

Spring quarter, hurrah!!!