Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Two Tulips

Two little tulips have sprung up in our front yard, one white and one purple. Somehow, amidst all the choking moss and litter and snow, they survived and shot up right next to the walkway like little spring greeting cards. I love them, I have taken pictures.

So much to do, so little time. I am getting the travel bug that I always get every spring. I can feel it coming on and it makes me nervous. Part of me wants to just pick up and head to scenic lake powell for a summer spent in the sun away from the usual distractions. But there are so many other reasons to finish out the summer in bellingham before my europe trip. Money being a primary one but also relationships that I'm not ready to leave for four months.If I could take everyone important with me wherever I went, I would have an adventurous and happy life.

When will I ever grow out of this restlessness?

I think my Guatemala trip is coming at a perfect time, being away from bellingham and from everyone for ten days will give me a chance to think about things.

Have been so tired all the time lately, could probably spend thirteen hours a day sleeping peacefully if I had the time. Have a bunch of 'informational interviews' set up around town to find out what in the hell I am supposed to do with my degree. They want me to bring a resume, so that's intimidating. Mostly because I haven't done anything. The career center at school is showing me how to fluff myself up. Pretty exciting.

Anyway, got to shower from PE and head back up to campus in the rain. It's almost not even worth the shower at this point...

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Kelly Walden said...

Wouldn't it be bad ass to have a backyard shower like rich, nature-loving people? Nothing beats being naked outdoors.