Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to the Lacuna

I have decided to continue writing in this blog, thanks to some inspiration from KJW. (Amazing I know). So even though I doubt that many people will read it, they may. I love blogs and wish more of my friends wrote them...

Unemployment is so discouraging. I am beginning to feel like the stereotypical lazy unemployed slob i.e., I sleep till 10, eat banana cream pie for breakfast and live in my sweatpants all day. It's not a very fulfilling lifestyle. The most exciting thing in my life this week is that I found my Daffy Duck socks from middle school.

At the gym today I wore a t-shirt that said "I heart Boston", a value village find. Three separate people came up to me and said "I heart Boston too!!" Because it would seem weird to stop and explain to them that I had never been to Boston, only to value village, I just smiled and said "yeah it's really great." Kind of lying, but way shorter than explaining something that they don't care about anyway right? Who knows, maybe I would love Boston.

Gosh this week and this part of life (post-college, pre-purpose/career)is so frustrating it makes me want to cry or move away to a place with opportunities. Blah, must snap out of it.

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Kelly Jean Walden said...

You would love Boston. Boston might not love you, however, what with your wicked, Protestant ways.

Also, I will be on the lookout to find you a job, even though I already found you a boyfriend. My thoughtfulness does not cease, nor does it cease to be amazing!