Tuesday, November 20, 2007

life as a bum

Pretty much every night when I go to sleep I hear a weird tapping sound outside my door. At first it was scary and I kept envisioning a gollum-like man crouched outside my bedroom door, sadistically tapping away. Now I'm pretty sure it is just the heater going on and off. I laid my seven-pound hand weights in front of my door to keep the bad men out, just in case.

I listened to Delilah on the way home from the gym and Jacson's tonight. I don't care what you say, cheesy love songs and personal accounts of blind amore make entertainment radio. Someday, I will ask for Delilah to pick me out a song. Or, you could dedicate one to me instead, just call in and tell her that I am your unrequited love.

I think I am going to be offered the marketing job in burlington. I actually am getting more excited about it. In the meantime, I have picked up a couple extra shifts at my old work. Even though I DREADED going back and have been complaining for the last few months about how MBI is the bane of my existence, something has changed. I didn't miss it at all before I went back. Now that I am back, I realize I missed it, or I do miss it. I like my coworkers, I like the little old patients, and I am really good at what I do. It will be weird to start a job where I don't know what's going on. Today I was thinking, MBI is like a second home for me in a way. I have spent nearly 6 years there. I know the ins and outs of that place. I know how everything works together and how to work with everyone. It might just be new job jitters, but I am finally experiencing that sadness-to-be-leaving that I didn't experience before heading to Europe. Weird.

I got a threatening text from KJW to write this blog. And I have to say, scary as that was, I am glad someone reads this thing... hahaha

One other thing. Even though I am excited to start a job and make some much needed money, I will miss my life as a bum. A typical day in bumdom consists of waking up around 10, watching tv while eating cereal in my pjs. Sometimes the gym fits in. Sometimes I go to the Woods and study for the GMAT (aka, put the study book on the table in front of me and instead read Infidel). And I do a lot of catching up with friends. I feel way more relaxed than I have in a long time. Hopefully some of that will pervade my "young working professional" life. If not, there is always time in Grad school haha.

I also used some free time this week to make myself a Christmas cd. Pretty sweet. If you are nice to me, maybe I'll burn you a copy of this fabulous mix.

Okay, I don't hear the tapping. I am heading back to bed before it starts again. Love Love Love

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Kelly Jean Walden said...

1) No, it's not the heater. It is definitely gollum, as you fear.

2) Bumhood is where it's at. Yesterday, instead of finishing all the homework that's due tonight, I wrote a lot of dumb blog posts and made Ben Kinney one half of a CD. Today's going to suuuuuuck!

3) You're lucky I don't have to push you into a table. I would have, too. It might have hurt.