Thursday, January 24, 2008

Carelessness vs. Maturity: the inverse ratio

I eat a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch at work. It reminds me of being in middle school. Driving to work today I thought: remember when I never had to go to work. Remember when I was a freshman in college and mom and dad paid for everything. And I took easy classes and skipped when I wanted and did what I wanted all day. Remember when I had no responsibilities and didn't worry about making rent or health insurance or paying off my credit card. I kind of wish I hadn't taken those days for granted so much. I mean, I like working and earning my own money, but utter carelessness is gone, perhaps forever. At least until retirement.

Speaking of which, I have $80 in my 401(k). The fact that I have a 401(k) is impressive. The fact that I contribute a large portion of my meager pay to it every month is amazing. Thinking of putting money away for something that won't happen for another 40 years is a pretty crazy thought for a 23 year old. But see, I am mature, and do it! Now if I could just get myself to stop compulsively buying $3 coffees every morning. Hahaha.

Maybe if I were really really mature I would go back to work now.

Maybe I will go back to work, not because I am really really mature, but because I am up for review and don't want to risk my possible pay raise by slacking off. (That raise could pay for my daily cup o' joe and another $5 in my 401(k).

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