Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grouch, the Fish

Sometimes out of the corner of my eye I catch my fish Grouch staring at me just like this. It's a little disconcerting as I am quite certain that he is smarter than the average fish. I always wonder what he is thinking. Why do I think Grouch is smarter than your average beta, you ask?
1. He knows that every morning at 9 am I feed him, I know he knows, because every morning when he sees me he stares at me until I notice him. Then when I do notice him, he begins swimming erratically almost like he is having a aquatic seizure, until he gets food. This is not his normal throughout the day behavior.
2. When he gets tired of swimming he takes a rest on top of his plastic plant. I mean a real rest where he completely stops moving. If he weren't still upright, I might think he was dead. This may seem lazy to some uncreative people, really it is amazing he figured out how to take a break from all that water treading he does.
3. I've seen him inscribing his memoirs into the tank rocks, and while he hasn't yet disclosed the title to me, I trust that it will win the Pulitzer.


Kelly Jean Walden said...

"Oh hey, I'm grouch and I think Lindsay is smarter than the average human. NOT!"

Lindsay said...

Shut it Walden. I know you are jealous because Abe is dumber than the average cat.

Anonymous said...

Word. Fo' Sho' word to Abe being dumber than the average cat. Water tipping, facial biting, frantically running around with tape on his tail . . . Grouch would do none of the above. A clearly superior animal to Abraham Lincoln - the cat, not the president (unless Grouch is secretly planning to free the oppressed . . . perhaps these are part of his rock inscriptions. You should start deciphering).

Nicole Kristine said...

Ha, ha, hahaha, hahaha about Grouch. I don't usually like fish, but I know tha tI would like Grouch.