Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Title Necessary

I am going to start calling this blog "Lindsay's life of self-loathing" because all my behaviors and attitudes in the last month have made me pretty disgusted by me. I really want to make it stop.

This really isn't who I am, it really isn't who I want to be at all. I am self loathing a little bit right now about all the complaining I do on this blog, and think I might give it up while I work on my attitude adjustment.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we all go through stages of selth-loathing and complaints, weird moods and emotional-ness. I, personally, have dealt with all of these quite recently. My skipping out on book club was a result of my climaxing emotional moodiness, and everyone thinking something was wrong with me definitely made me feel a bit of self-loathing for being so silly. I think that you shouldn't feel the need to explain away what you are dealing with, and if you need to complain, that's what us friends are here to listen to :-) However, "Lindsay's Life of Self-Loathing" does have more alliteration and is thus slightly catchier. So, perhaps you should change your blog to that.
Also, I'm going (90% sure I'm going) to Utah this weekend.

Kelly Jean Walden said...

The Crotch put it nicely above, so I will add only this:

Taco Soup helps.

Ok, also this:

I haven't felt any negativity from you lately, just some confusion. So, it's at least not rubbing off on me... not that I would take it. If you are negative to Kelly Walden, you get the stink-eye from Kelly Walden. That's right.

Kelly Jean Walden said...

PS Holla fo' frequently updating your blog!