Monday, May 19, 2008

Best Monday Ever, and KJW why don't you read my blog anymore?

It's my last Monday ever in Burlington, which means it is also the best Monday ever in Burlington.

This weekend I stayed up for 24 hours so that I could do "Burly Girls" an all-girl event that is RYD-ish but with different tasks and a lot less gender supremacy. We met in the park in cocktail dresses for opening ceremony on Friday night, then we got into sweats to play football. I'm not super competitive or coordinated, but I think I did alright. I tackled someone and ran down the field with the ball. I don't know how many yards or whatever, but I am a fast runner and so it seemed pretty far. We got energy drinks at the super market. We played Kick-the-Can in an abandoned cement factory, got cheesy fries at the Ranch Room, hiked to Sehome Arboretum, played German spotlight, rode bikes down Alabama, went skinny dipping in Lake Padden, danced in the Cruisin' Coffee parking lot on Lakeway, watched the sunrise from Toad Mountain and did random acts of kindness. It was a full night, and it was awesome.

Last night Ren, Courtney and I talked about what "love" is, and whether it is fundamentally the same in all relationships, whether romantic or platonic. I think they are very much the same, although there are a few glaring differences - I wouldn't want to make out with my sister for example - but I think the root of it is still the same. I still take my definition of real "love" from 1 Corinthians, but even then, I don't know if perfect Love is possible here on earth. I still wonder sometimes if love is strong enough to overcome all the pain in this world. I know I still have my own reservations and worries to break through in that department as well, because to me, human love can be a scary and unreliable thing. Over the last few years many things have happened to make me doubt the power of human love; relationships break up, friendships dissolve, people who say they "love" end up cheating or lying to each other. It seems like people are most often self-seeking and self-gratifying (myself included). Can we really have any true conception of what Love is? The only completely unfailing earthly love I have ever experienced has been from my parents; I can never remember a time I ever doubted their love for me or worried about putting my trust in them. I hope this type of love is possible in all other relationships, but I don't know it, and the more of life I see, the harder it gets to believe in it. So here's to hoping...

At least it was a good discussion. Any thoughts? Comments?

Later today I am going to make my rounds about the property and say goodbye to all the store managers I have worked with here. I decided to make a list of some things I will actually miss in Burlington: treats from Rocky Mountain Chocolate, free time to check my email/facebook/blogs, the maintenance crew, talking to managers, and editing copy (on the rare occasion I get to). There. That was a pretty good list. Back to my last Outlet Shoppes Monday ever!


D.I. Zzo said...

Burly Girls sounds like an awesome time. I especially like the random acts of kindness part.

Side-note: RYD is not gender-supremecacist, just gender-specific.

I'm glad you're finally getting away from the Outlets and I think you'll love your new job at Cruisin'. (Free coffe hook-up?)

I hope that you someday believe that true human love can exist in a relationship. I'll try my best to do my part to convince you.


KJW said...

I DO read your blog, dweebo. I leave fewer comments because I usually check it through Google Reader and blah blah blah.

You know what love is? Love is a cookie.

Anonymous said...

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