Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yay for the Week!

I had my barista training yesterday! Well it was only the first day of 20 hours I believe, but it was pretty cool. I learned "tamping" and "ristretto" and "crema" and I also learned how to make good foam (I kept in mind what you said, Walden, about tipping the cup) and I made a caramel macchiato and a wet cappuccino! Yay!! I love coffee!

Even better: I discovered that the ONLY public relations firm in Bellingham is taking on a summer intern. I applied. Interview Wednesday. Did I mention this is a PAID internship?! Life if freaking really good right now. If I ended up getting this internship it would be the most exciting thing all year. And, as everyone keeps telling me, this is my year! So I should get it, if that Chinese zodiac thing really works... Plus it couldn't hurt that this company did a huge PR campaign for the radiology center that my dad runs, could it? :)

The only bad thing of the week has been these paralyzing foot cramps I have been getting. (Don't panic Ski-to-Sea-ers) They have been getting progressively worse over the last few months and the last week or so have gotten to be regular post-workout ragers. I run, run, run and then it feels like my foot begins to be cut in half vertically, right at the ball. I have to stop and like, hug my foot and cry.

"Eat Bananas." That is what everyone says. Apparently cramps can be caused by a lack of potassium. So now I am eating at least one banana a day. IcyHot helps too.

I saw Matt K at the gym yesterday. I told him about Hawaii. The ensuing discussion led to my favorite quote of the week:

"Hawaii is a dumb fucking state. I mean really really dumb! Everyone drops out of school there when they are like 12. You could definitely find a job there. Not that you need to go to a state full of dumb people in order to find a job..."

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flanhoodles said...

Eat bananas! Also, dehydration can cause foot/leg cramps.