Monday, May 12, 2008

Online Shopping Etc.

I haven't written for a whole week and that is crazy! Still working on the Hawaii plan. At my family reunion this weekend the relatives were split pretty evenly down the middle. Half said, "Go to Hawaii, you are young!!" the other half said, "Forget it! Go to grad school and stop procrastinating the real world already."

In Spokane I bought an extremely adorable pair of red leather open-toed pumps with a three inch heel at Nordstrom Rack. Where will I wear them? I don't know. Why do I need them? I really don't. But they are Steve Maddens and were on a BIG sale. God I love Nordstrom rack. I love shoes. And I have been doing a little bit of compulsive shopping.

I wanted to buy an old/used 4 GB ipod on ebay that I could strap to my arm and work out with (My 30 GB one is too big for that) so I found one for $40, bid on it, won, and then realized that it wasn't a real iPod, it was a knock off. But the seller used the word iPod in the title and in the description and then did this at the bottom:
*iPod alike
So now that I know it isn't a REAL iPod, I don't want to pay for this knock off and I'm trying to figure out what happens if I just don't submit payment for it... what can ebay do to me? Anyone know? I know that I am the idiot here for not reading the "fine print" but obviously this was a scam... and I now realize that I need to SAVE my money, not spend it on super super cute Steve Madden shoes and an iPod knockoff.

On an internet-shopping related note, check out my sister's website. She designs and makes her own hats and is selling them online. It's pretty cool actually.


D.I. Zzo said...

can I have your old/real iPod?

Lindsay said...

Umm, sorry, no because that is my main mp3 player (I take it in the car, on trips, to campus/work etc.) the mini shuffle one I want would only be for working out and holds only 200 songs... so I would keep both.

If you want an ipod you can buy them relatively cheaply on or ebay... just make sure it is a real ipod

Nicole Kristine said...

Lindsay and Jacson - if/when I don't move to Hawaii with you, can I visit you several times a year and stay for free and you'll buy all my food and leis and stuff? That'd be fun. I WOULD MISS YOU A LOT.

D.I. Zzo said...

Nicole, come to Hawaii. It's not like you'd be over there and think, "man, I really really wish I wasn't drinking juice out of a coconut while gently swinging in a hammock on this picturesque tropical beach."

And yes, if you come to hawaii with us, you get to drink out of coconuts.

flanhoodles said...

I saw a preview for a scary movie yesterday, and the scary people/bad guys/murderers all had bags over their heads! Is it an epidemic?

Anonymous said...

"Stop procrastinating the real world?" You are 23! You have so many years to fuddle through the real world. Go exploring before your tied down. When you are old, wrinkly, and bent half over, you will say (without teeth), "What have I done with my life? I worked hard to get a bachelors degree in four years, unlike many college students I know ::cough! courtney:: I sacrificed my sanity for Tom, then I went to grad school, then I got another job, then I had a family, then I raised kids, now I'm old, toothless and bent over. If only I had lived on a sunny, beautiful island for a year, my life wouldn't seem so text book." You should definitely go so that you won't find yourself saying this in 60 years. Save yourself the future regret.