Monday, May 5, 2008

Two Weeks Notice

"It's really really easy to get a food handler's permit. On the test the questions are like, 'Should you pick your nose and wipe it in the food?' Umm, no." - Lynn B. on taking the test for food handling.

I gave my two weeks notice on Friday. I am really excited, in fact, the knowledge that I will only be trapped in Burlington for two more weeks has shed a very sunny light on my lately downtrodden spirit. I hope I enjoy slinging coffee, I hope the pay cut is worth it. I have a feeling that almost anything would be more engaging and enjoyable than my present job. Now I can finally stop whining about it - aren't you all soooo relieved?

Last night I had some difficulty sleeping because I was imaging that a ghost who looks like this:
was about to crawl into bed next to me. (Bag Head Boy) I tried to call the boy for emotional support, but he was already sleeping and didn't have the energy to assuage my perfectly justified and rational fear. It was a very scary movie!


D.I. Zzo said...

You know, it's funny that you called me about that. I didn't know that you were calling because you were scared, but the reason I was so sleepy is because I didn't sleep well the night before... because of Bag Head Boy aka Tomas.

In fact, when I was pooping Saturday night, I noticed that the shower door was partially open and I catually had to open it all the way just to make sure Tomas wasn't standing there with that damn bag over his head. Told you it was a good movie.

Lindsay said...

I'm really glad you threw in the mention of pooping.

D.I. Zzo said...


KJW said...

Heretofore, we call Ren "Bag Head Boy", just because.

Also, woot woot for baristas!