Thursday, April 17, 2008


Just got back from Oahu. Love love love. Love the warm weather, the palm trees, the atmosphere. Love the dollar theatre and the strong drinks and all the fruit. Maybe I just got lucky because I was staying with some amazing people, but there is something about HI that makes me want to live there. Even its state abbreviation is friendly.

Who wants to be crazy, defer all their plans for a year or six months and move to an island with me? Serious inquiries only.

New goals:
-quit my job in the next three weeks, possibly work at a coffee stand for the summer/year.
-look into grad school deferment (aah!).
-clean the shit hole that has become my room.
-pay off my credit card in the next two paychecks... meaning I will eat top ramen for the next month at least.

1 comment:

KJW said...

YOU defer life plans, and I will move NEXT year instead of in TWO years.