Friday, July 11, 2008

7 weeks and counting

I leave on August 29th for Hawai'i!!! Only 7 more weeks left in town. It has all seemed a little surreal, but now as I am preparing to pack up my house and tie up some loose ends, it is beginning to become more real to me. Here are a list of the top things I will miss when I move:

*Family and friends is obviously number 1.
*My gym, I know this sounds ditzy or nerdy, but I love love love my gym and all the people there and I'm really nervous that I won't be able to find a good gym in Hawaii. I will miss the other regulars like Twin, The Machine, Dimples, and Retirement Playa.
*Coffee. Let's face it, islanders don't know from good coffee
*My own room. I am excited about my roommates, but I haven't shared a room in years and I think I will miss my privacy a little.
*The rain. I get a little grouchy if it goes more than a week without a gray, cloudy sky and some showers. Call it a side-effect of being raised in the Pacific Northwest, but I like the rain.
*Being able to go a long time without applying sunscreen or shaving my legs. These things will obviously change.
*Cheap milk. Cheap living, for that matter.
*My car, I am going to have to adjust to public transportation. I'm not a princess or anything, but I'm not looking forward to riding the bus everywhere.
*80's night, especially since the Nightlight will reopen this September.
*All the used bookstores around here.

Here are a list of things I will enjoy in Honolulu that Bham doesn't have:
*Palm trees and sandy beaches, water warm enough to swim in without the fear of hypothermia
*Mike Love.
*Laid back lifestyle. Sunshine generally makes people happier than rain.
*New exciting job
*New friends and new adventures
*Old friends visiting me on a tropical island, my home being a vacation destination
*New puppy??? Let's hope so.

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