Tuesday, July 1, 2008


On the ride back from Seattle the other day, as Matt R and Marti slept peacefully in the backseat, Patty and I talked talked about what's going on in everyone's post graduate life. This inevitably led to a talk about facebook stalking, which is how most of us keep up with our peers. This type of social information network comes with many pitfalls. Pat told me he that now when people ask him what is going on with so-and-so, he may know, but he will censor what he says because it's hard to remember if that person told him, or if he found out via internet stalking, which is far less socially acceptable gossip. We agreed that the social stigma of being a facebook stalker is unwarranted, because practically everyone uses this tool for information whether they admit it or not. What you put on your facebook or myspace profile is fair game, I say. There should be no shame in knowing a ridiculous amount of useless information like favorite music, movies and relationship status updates about that one kid from that one class freshman year.

Camping this weekend was a huge success. We scared away the people who would have camped in the site next to us after they pulled up and saw all of our "beer wands" which were all the beers we drank over the weekend duct-taped together to form long poles. Since there were upwards of ten people hanging out, you can imagine that there were quite a few beers cans to string together... the would-be neighbors relocated to a site down the road a ways.

If you get bored of your facebook stalking check out these sites, my most visited internet hotspots besides face/myspace:

www.nytimes.com (to Maureen Dowd)

I love book club better lovers, beaver Don, and songstress Maria Taylor

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