Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tattoo where?

Okay, I have seriously been contemplating the idea of getting a tattoo, I even know what it would be. I would have the "Five Solas" written in Latin in small script. They are:

-Sola scriptura
-Sola fide
-Sola gratia
-Solus Christus
-Soli Deo Gloria

Which mean, "By Scripture alone, by faith alone, by grace alone, by Christ alone, Glory to God alone" respectively. You can read more about the history of these phrases here. Now the questions are, what do you all think about having this etched on my body forever, and, where should it go?

Since this would be a life-long commitment, I expect a thoughtful response from everyone. Go.


KJW said...

Awesome idea! No specific ideas for location, but definitely somewhere you can hide in interview clothes. And wedding clothes. And naked clothes.

Hahahaha. Like one can hide ANYTHING in naked clothes.

Anonymous said...

If you are wearing those tacky shirts that have a naked body picture on them, you could technically hide SOMETHING in naked clothes.

I agree with W though, somewhere that can be concealed for your professional life.

Erin Thompson had interesting tattoo input recently. She talked about wanting her tattoo somewhere she could hide it, but also enjoy it. If she put a tattoo on her back, she could never see it and be reminded of it's meaning. She chose the top of her foot, which is, I vote, an excellent place. Maybe not for a series of words though . . Are you putting all five in the same place, or spreading them out?

flanhoodles said...

i am considering a tattoo as well, and i am thinking in tramp stamp locations. seriously, they're good for hiding and not so stretchy.

D.I. Zzo said...

awful awful idea lynn. awful. there is no justifiable excuse for tramp-stamping one's self.

lindsay, if you go lower back, i'm getting a huge barb-wire tattoo on my arm. and neck.

in seriousness, i think that feet/ankles are great places for tattoos. it might be difficult getting five lines in any one discreet location, but you may be able to pull it off on the top of one of your feet.

i'm excited. this is a great tattoo idea.

Musings said...

Wow - I think this the best idea for a tattoo I have heard. I think it fits you wonderfully and I don't see it becoming a regret.

I like the foot idea, very hide-able place. You could even have the words printed so that you can read them, rather than facing away from you (more for yourself, rather than others to read...) Another idea is to have the words form an anklet or circle around your ankle.

A friend from high school wanted a tatto, but couldn't decide where, they tried different locations with henna before deciding. I thought this was a unique idea.

Don said...

Great tattoo idea. I googled 5 solas tattoo and got here. I'm not sure if this would work for you, as womens watches are smaller than mens, but i am planning on getting mine in two lines wrapped around my wrist so that i can cover it with a nice watch.

Joshua Ritchie said...

Not sure if you got your tattoo yet, but on Easter Sunday this year I did get the Five Solas tattooed on my arm. I hadn't heard of anyone getting them before and thought it was a good idea. I googled "five solas tattoo" today and your post popped up. Anyway, you can see what mine looks like by going to a group blog that my friends and I write at together. God bless. -- Josh