Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This is coming off my facebook wall, but I want to immortalize it forever

"Ten Steps to Get to my Crush
1. Become friends with his friends.
2. Become the basketball team manager
3. Walk by the weight room if he is in there (but not too many times in one day)
4. Find the word "sandwich" in as many languages as you can.
5. Watch WWF when you get the chance
6. When you see him in the hall, Smile!
7. Have friends say good things about you.
8. Find out what he's into - get into it!
9. Practice basketball at open gym, maybe show off your moves?
10. Talk to him."
- Excerpt from a friends middle school diary


D.I. Zzo said...

So good. This is the best encapsulation on middle-school I've ever seen.

Frank T. Morgan said...

That's familiar. What's more, it's apt for middle school. On another note, I also wanted to say I saw your answer to the tortoise-and-hare question. Great answer. You totally rock. (Sigh...)

Anonymous said...

I am sad to no longer have access to Ren's secret (not so secret) life. I vote next book club we all take a diary and share :-)