Friday, February 8, 2008


Now that I am a working stiff, the phrase "TGIF" has a lot more meaning. Work is always pretty dull but it has reached new levels this week. My job is not horrible, but it is beginning to remind me of the part in office space where the main character talks about his day:

I know I am lucky to be working at a job that will build up my resume and pays decently, but sometimes I think it would be nice to work in a coffee shop or restaurant and hang out with people my own age all day. Will it look bad if I do a job like that through business school or should I try for a part time job that is business related?

On a happier note, on Monday I get to go to a meeting of the Skagit Young Professionals. Woo


Kelly Jean Walden said...

That's funny, because you look like Ron Livingston.

Have faith, though. If you can make your job more lively somehow (dance to every meeting, perhaps), do it, but it's not forever. Beh. Can you imagine having a career like that?

Anonymous said...

Kelly Jean, do you mean a career like Ron Livingston, or the one Lindsay currently has?
I'm pretty sure it's our duty as Americans do feel dissatisfied in the work place, it's like a permanent right of passage. You are applying to grad school soonish, yes? Once you get into school, you won't be at this job, and I think it is a good idea to have a fun easy job during school. I don't think it will look bad - you'll have this job on your resume, and you'll be in school for goodness sakes.
. . . At least you aren't stuck working a raffle.

Ren said...

i agree with courtney that it won't look bad to work an easy job through school

i don't agree with courtney that working a raffle would be a bad thing for you, you wouldn't have to worry about being called, cuz you'd be doing the calling, plus it may help aleviate your fear