Friday, February 29, 2008


I like writing blogs. I like reading blogs, which is why I think some other people should start writing them *ahem*

Last night was the Tulip event that my work hosted. It was pretty fun because I got to interview a bunch of fifth graders. I'm not sure what they are learning right now in school, but if I had to guess I'd say either a section on MLK Jr. or George Washington because, barring a few creative kids, almost every kid answered the question "If you could meet anyone, who would you meet and why?" with one of those two people. Although one girl said she'd like to meet the Jonas Brothers because "she likes the middle one." My favorite answer by far was from one little boy. (It is important to note here that the kids already know that winners get to go to Olympia to meet Governor Gregoire) He said he would like to meet the governor "because he seems like a great guy who is doing a lot of really great things." Good answer to win, if only he know that the governor is a she...

Kids are cute and after that night and the many comment-retellings I've gotten to hear from my teacher friends, I think maybe pre-teens aren't as annoying as I used to think.

Plus I got to keep some very pretty tulips from the event, which are my favorite flowers:

I am very excited for Mt. Baker Baseball games to start. I'm not sure exactly why I enjoy them so much. Obviously it is fun to see the boy out there coaching and doing really well at something he loves, he is pretty freaking adorable out on the field. Actually he doesn't really like feminine adjectives being applied to him, so I'll say he is a strong and impressive MANLY coach ;). But aside from that, there is also just something about going to the game. I think maybe I like getting the chance to go and focus on something else for a while. I sit on the wooden bleachers and cheer and squint at the scoreboard. I love listening to the little boy who announces the game. It is just a really relaxing and fun way to spend the afternoon. It makes me feel really carefree. Last spring it was one of my favorite things to do; grab a coffee head out along Mt. Baker Highway and spend an hour watching these 10th graders play ball.

First game is March 11, so if anyone wants to play hooky with me for the afternoon you are welcome to come along.

One last thing:
Check out this interesting marketing tactic by our presidential candidate Clinton:


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KJW said...

Oh, pre-teens and teens ARE naturally annoying. Have you ever sat next to a group of them on the bus? Oh, God. Get them in the right environment, however, and they can be hilarious.