Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will you be my Valentine?

First of all has anyone seen the google name for today, super cute:

Secondly, like Courtney, I wrote the word "love" on my arm today as part of a challenge from the TWLOHA organization that raises awareness about depression - which is particularly bad around holidays like Valentine's Day. See this article:
Beware of Valentine's Day perils, depression - Valentine's Day 2008

So I am participating, because I think depression is a serious problem, and why shouldn't people express l.o.v.e all year round and not just on this one day?

Oh yeah, and what happened to all those cute little v-day cards we used to get as kids? I bet if we still did that there wouldn't be such a blue feeling surrounding vday because everyone would get one.


KJW said...

Nice leg cross in that picture. Very young professional.

Anonymous said...

Holla fo' LOVE. And, yay for cute valentines! I gave you one today, hopefully no blue feelings for you!
And, it's just like kjw to comment on your legs when the picture is focusing on your arm. She's always eyeballing them.