Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This week so far

I am verging on the time I would normally feel PMS, but it isn't making me irritable this time. I read in a magazine that sometimes one ovary makes you have a worse period/hormones than the other one. I think that might be true for me, if it is true, this month should be pretty good because last month I was in crazy-ville with emotions ranging from seething anger to self-loathing. It was pretty gross. Whatever ovary is doing the work this month, good for you Calm Ovy, good for you. If you keep it up, maybe I will talk to God about getting you promoted to be the .75 and that maniac on the other side to cut back to .25. Sound good?

I am pretty jealous that the boy gets to spend a week in Cancun right now. I miss him. It's kind of funny that usually if I didn't talk to him for 24 hours I wouldn't be too abnormally upset, but when I know that he is out of the country on vacation suddenly that seems like a really long time. Weird. Weird.

I am in the process of setting up a blind date, if it works out I would be really excited. My roommates' recent date successes have inspired me. The thing about blind dates is, you have to be pretty brave to put yourself out there, so I will have to see how brave these prospective daters are before I move ahead with plans.

Monday's Skagit Valley Young Professionals went pretty well, everyone sat around and discussed the gang problem in Skagit County (which has a high level of juvenile delinquents) The other "young" professionals (who are all at least 30)pretty much agreed that the problem with today's youth is that they are told they can "be anything" and that there are "no winners and losers." That is also the reason, they said, that most kids fresh out of college are totally unprepared for the working world; new grads just want "30 hours of work a week plus benefits and they want to run the show." I tried not to make it obvious that I was a new graduate. I also tried not to make it obvious that that statement pretty much does sum it up... Have we been given too much in life? I think I have a pretty good work ethic but I also am having a hard time settling down into the 9-5 routine just like they said... what do you think?


Anonymous said...

1. Boo maniac ovaries. you can just have the crazed one removed, and the other will still spit out eggs for you.

2. Oh, blind dates. Maybe you could send Nicole on my second date with Greg. It would be blind for her, and perhaps he won't remember what I looked like (he is blind, after all).

3. Have I mentioned . . . I love crooked mouthed Peter Petrelli? I have? well, I do. Could you finagle a blind date for him and I?

Ren said...

yay for blind dates!

i'm currently their biggest fan!

i think that even if the old people are right (and old people have been saying that kind of stuff longer than the 30 and 40 year-olds of today have been alive, right?) but anyway, even if they are right, you are in the same boat as all of the recent graduates, and we'll all struggle to figure out life together

and we WILL figure it out

KJW said...

I think not a whole lot has changed in the last 10 years, and the 30-year-olds are just bitter that they are no longer the 22-year-olds. I'm half-serious. How much do you want to bet they had those same unrealistic goals when they graduated?

And, yes, I think that we/younger folks are told we can have and be anything, but that's why we/younger folks are actually voting. Ani Difranco told me (personally) that she went to a convention about women's rights, and she was the only one in her 30's. Most were in their 50's+ or 20's-. Tell those Generation Xers to shut up and yes, we're a little whiny, but we'll figure it out like they did. Or better.

KJW said...

ALSO, I read an article where the author was concerned about a survey. In it, college students were asked whether they considered themselves "special" and, unlike previous generations, we gave a resounding yes. "They're self-centered and don't care about others," the author determined.

HOLD ON. Did they ask, "Is everyone else special?" I don't think they did, and I think there would also be a resounding yes to that. Self-centered? Yesish. Appreciative of others? Also yesish. So hush, article writer. You are making stupid inferences.

::steps off soap box::