Monday, March 3, 2008

and then...

Near my work there is a teriyaki place I love called Apple Teriyaki. I only get to go once every other week (self imposed restriction). The interesting thing is that my $6.00 gets me something different every time. I always order a teriyaki chicken bowl. Some days, I get teriyaki chicken and rice only. Some days the lady brings me the chicken bowl and a really good salad. On very special days I get teriyaki, salad and egg drop soup. Now the question is: are these things special extras and some days she feels generous, or, are they supposed to come with my meal and some days she feels lazy? I'm going to go with generous just because I feel good about getting things free, however, I won't check the menu to find out for certain...

I am beginning to feel nervous about my WWU application. It has been two weeks and I still haven't heard anything. This wouldn't make me nervous if someone else I know hadn't already heard back... That's what I get for getting a 590 on my GMATs and for only getting a 3.1 cumulative GPA. Nothing will make you question your intelligence like a standardized test. (If only they put more weight on my writing score) The thing is, during school I was fine with being a B student, I mean, I think I could've gotten A's, but I was too busy skipping class and having fun. I was too busy hanging out in the front yard with KJW at noon, drinking beer and eating pizza! Hahaha, let's hope I am just wait listed and not rejected.

When I was in high school I turned 18 my senior year, early in the year. I wrote myself notes to get out of school all the time. Since I worked at a radiology center, I often wrote notes that included some complicated sounding ailment I had heard about at work. I found that the more complicated the word, the less questions got asked by the office staff. Here is an example:

"Lindsay will be absent from fifth and sixth periods today because she is experiencing severe right lower quadrant pain associated with ongoing lumbo-sacral sciatica."

This seems a little out-there, now that I look back on it, but at the time it seemed perfectly logical. I can't say that my habit of skipping out on classes (which followed me through college) has gotten me anywhere, but at the same time, if all goes well with grad school apps, I wouldn't regret it at all.

On a different and less worrisome note, I am so excited for Hawaii I am counting down days on my work calender. Lynn and I are going to get mystic tanned and waxed before we leave. I hope I don't end up orange. I am excited to look truly tanned for once though, and bonus, mystic tanning comes without cancer causing UVB rays.


KJW said...

Pizza, beer, and lawn chairs! Best noon ever.

And I am soooooooo jealous about Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Skipping school, pishaw. I actually do get migraines and consequently become blind and throw up, but not nearly as much as I claimed it in school. I was always having migraines, and fake vomiting in the bathroom. Not always. But, yes, quite frequently.

In fourth grade, I forged my mom's signature on notes for the whole year. I had like 30 missing assignments and just kept signing my mom's name. When my mom found out, she was actually pissed at the teacher, not me. Go figure.