Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have been sitting at my desk with nothing to do since 9 a.m. - I didn't even get any mail to open today. The guy who drops off our newspaper laughed at me and said "whoa hang in there, here's something to read" because I am so obviously bored. I hope to God that I hear back from one of the jobs I applied to by the end of the week, because right now I seriously feel like I am about to snap. And what the HELL is Western doing with my application? Last Wednesday they said I'd hear by the beginning of this week "at the latest" - well freaking admit me or deny me, just tell me already!!! I'm very sorry to everyone who always has to read my bitching about my boring freaking job and my unbelievably dragged out Western application, but if I could just figure these two things out, everything in my life would be Great with a capital G.

Earlier today I looked up my company's resignation policy. I can't wait to write that letter.


Kristen said...

Hey are you going to the Tegan and Sara concert?

Because you should. I'll be there.

KJW said...

Hang in there, Albino Giraffe! This won't last forever! When life gets tough, say this aloud:

Brown Chicken, Brown Cow.

And thanks for having SO MUCH FUN with me this weekend. I miss you people so much.

D.I. Zzo said...

I thought ARG was an acronym. I thought long and hard about what it could stand for. Eventually settled on Albino Red-eyed Giraffe. I was thrilled that you titled your blog post as an homage to the pictures taken of you.

Then I realized that "ARG" was probably just an expression of exasperation. I like mine better.

You're the best.

Nicole Kristine said...

1) Your job makes me giggle because you express your boredom in a humorous way. You should do like lynn does - she is learning things while she's at work. I think she's learning about different countries or something.

2) I like the ARG acronym idea. All your post titles should be acronym possibilities and then we can guess what they stand for.

3) I'll send you mail at work if you send me mail at work.