Monday, March 10, 2008


SYP group this morning was useful as usual: we started off talking about video games, moved on to discussing tea fermentation, and then I listened while the other "SYP"s debated the safety of obstetrical ultrasounds and the irresponsibility of women who choose to use an epidural during labor. If you know me at all, you know that during this last conversation I was really having to bite my tongue. Let's face it, the alternative to having an ultrasound done is possibly that the fetus is in danger and no one finds out about it until it's too late. That's why DSHS (through the state) gives pregnant women FREE pre-natal care including regular OB Ultrasound checks; it's that important. Ultrasound is by far the safest form of digital radiology, and no side effects resulting from ultrasonic sound waves have ever been found. I didn't want to even mention that, were it an option, I might want to be knocked unconscious during labor... Screw natural child birth, give me drugs and OB's any day.

This was a great weekend, and I actually really enjoy my Mondays. Perhaps I have mentioned this in previous blogs, but I get to have the office completely to myself on Mondays. This means that when I am bored, I am totally free to read at my desk, wander through the building, or do jumping jacks in my office. I can also job search without being worried that my boss will see...

I am still anxiously awaiting word from Western. I feel pretty certain at this point (80%) that if I don't get into Western this year, I will have to move to Seattle this fall, if not for grad school, than for a year of work where I am actually learning something. My efforts at job searching locally have been pretty fruitless. The job market is not good right now, especially in Bellingham. There are many many things I would miss if I move to Seattle, but at this point in my life, it seems like I am kind of wasting my opportunities if I keep accepting secretarial jobs just so that I can live in Bellingham. I would rather be in Bellingham, but a year of working in Seattle wouldn't kill me I guess. I need to get some good work experience. The boy and I will make long distance work somehow, as he is determined to stay in Bellingham for one more year no matter what. It has been hard for me to get to this point, really really hard, but I am prepared to make a change in my living situation and lifestyle if necessary. Hopefully Walden and my other Seattle friends will still keep me company ;) Hopefully Western will take me and I won't have to make that decision.

It is difficult to make plans for next year without knowing where I will be living. I am certain that I will be moving houses in August no matter what. I can tell that I am becoming a cleaner person. I used to be cluttered and messy to a huge extent. Sars and I used to throw away dishes because mold grew on them. Now things are different. When I come home from a long day of work I want to have clean dishes to make dinner. I want to be able to sit in the living room without having to clear off a spot on the couch. I don't think I am a cleaning nazi, but it has definitely gotten to be a bit of an issue for me and for the roommates. I understand that they don't have the same newfound cleanliness desire that I have. It is difficult though because they get irritated with me for trying to tidy up because "it's their mess." While I appreciate this sentiment, it doesn't really help me. I don't want to have to wait around until the mood strikes one of them to clean up "their mess," and I don't think I should have to. Consequently, I will take the initiative to clean it myself. This usually happens when the house has been ridiculously messy for several days. I rarely spend time downstairs in the living room anymore because it becomes so cluttered and gross. This is a shame as I VERY much enjoy the company of my roommates and think they are wonderful, fun friends.

Fatima told me she is now a clean person living alone, and I think I might enjoy that as well. If I do end up in the ham next year, I might give it a try! I will miss my bedroom in the Bee Hive, it is my favorite one I've ever had. I would also miss long talks and board games with the roommates. Someone once told me it is important to try living alone at least once in your life. I think if there ever were a time for that, this would be it. Of course I would get a pet...


D.I. Zzo said...

I'm with you. I really like the guys I live with and the house is awesome, but at some point I became more conscious of uncleanliness and the effect that it has on other people in the house. I spend more time in my room than I used to because I often feel surrounded by gross in the living room and kitchen.

PS - I hope you get to stay in Bellingham.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is an older post that I have just discovered, so I'm not sure if you will actually read this, but thought I'd respond anyway. I totally agree that the cleanliness issue is a big one in our house. Ren and I have completely different cleanliness thresholds than you, and it's unfortunate for all involved that there is such a dichotomy. We don't get irritated with you for cleaning, but we know you are doing it out of exasperation and frustration, and it stresses me out that you get to that point. I stress constantly, and this is one of my big stressers. If I am working on homework, and I hear the garage door open, I think, "Shit, the house is dirty." I often jump up and attempt to pick up what I can in 2 minutes - I'm sure you've seen me when you come home, I am often trying to look as though I am attempting to clean.

I'm not saying it's irrational for you to feel the way you do about the house, because it's totally not. You have every right to want a clean house, and I'm sorry that Ren and I don't meet that need. I feel like I try pretty darn hard to keep peace in the house. I know you are always in your room, so I go there to talk with you and gossip. I am always worried about everyone's happiness, and while I don't clean all the time (obviously), I do break down and do a pretty good job of it every so often. I don't think you are a cleaning Nazi, but it hurts my feelings when you say to me, "This house is a living nightmare. It's a hell hole." I'm sorry that you are miserable and stranded in your room, because I love hanging out with you too. I wish there wasn't tension about this house cleanliness issue, but there is, and we still have 5 1/2 months left, so we should probably figure something out so you don't get a hernia from messy house, and I don't get one from stress.

Maybe two times per week we can spend 10 minutes all cleaning together - it would go fast! Or a chore list? Simple compromises would make everyone happier.

We should probably be less passive aggressive, you and I, and actually talk to one another about this issue and how to solve it, rather that frustratedly clean and write blogs about it.