Monday, March 24, 2008

Bubble Wrap!

Back at work. I feel very tired now that I've had a few consecutive days of blissfully sleeping in and lounging. Grouch is tired too, I can tell. I got a sheet of bubble wrap - the kind with huge bubbles - in an envelope today. For the last twenty minutes or so everyone who is within earshot of my office has probably been wondering what is causing the ear-splitting gunshot sound. The ADT security guy caught me mid-pop and I could tell he was trying to stifle a laugh. I can't help it that I'm 23 and still enjoy bubble wrap! Honestly though, is there a person out there of any age who, given the chance, would pass on playing with bubble wrap? Maybe people who work in a bubble wrap factory are sick of it, but honestly I think they probably still enjoy it as well. The thing about it though: it's only fun if you are the one popping it. If you are just a listener, chances are that you are being highly irritated by the sound.

The manager of Maidenform just stopped in to check on me because she heard a loud noise. Time to stop with the bubble wrap.

On a more grown up topic, I had my interview this afternoon with the hospital. It went well, they were glad I was already HIPAA trained and proficient in Carecast (the hospital database) but they said the hours weren't flexible, and probably wouldn't work with school. So I'm back on the job trail. I have some serious concerns that my present boss might have found the cover letter I drafted for another job. I found it on "my recent documents" but I didn't do it recently... So am now tentatively waiting for him to approach me about it. There is the possibility I guess that I actually do so little work that a document I did a week and a half ago would still pop up on my "recent documents" and that is just sad. But let's just hope for the latter since we all already know my job is less than exciting.

This weekend I did some reading down at the Black Drop (yay!) I love that coffee shop, they know me there, they know my order, they make the best coffee. It's lovely. Anyway, I looked up to see a white-bearded man in checkered suit skipping down the sidewalk like little boy. He grabbed a light pole and swung himself around and clicked his heels. By this time he had the attention of the whole coffee house. He started singing, eyes closed arms outstretched, and then skipped off. I thought to myself, "Now here is a man who enjoys life. Or is high on drugs." Then he rounded the corner again followed by a whole troop of Bellingham's signature indie scenesters (including "black drop coffee house guy" aptly named because of his frequent coffee house patronage) I guess the skipper was part of a live marketing ploy to advertise a local theater group. I loved it! I was a little sad that he wasn't just a crazy old man in love with life, but theater group junkie is a close second and is a lot better than a drugged-out old hippie.

You can tell I have a soft spot for the small joys in life: bubble wrap and skipping old men.


Nicole Kristine said...

I am not even joking. I was popping bubble wrap - the same kind with the huge bubbles - today because it came in the mail.

Did yours have a promotional pen sample inside?

We are soul twins.

flanhoodles said...

There is a wonderful man that nicole and I have both seen in Bellingham. He has high water pants and a cardigan and big glasses and a briefcase and he walks around with a big smile on his face and so much spring in his step that it's almost like skipping. It's impossible not to be cheerful when you see him. I'm going to miss the 'downtownies' next year.