Friday, March 14, 2008

I Believe

I watched a dramatic episode of Grey's last night (aren't they all) and was inspired by a speech that Izzie gives about what she believes in. Since I am bored and newly thoughtful, I decided to create my own "I believe" list. You can link to Izzie's monologue on YouTube here

  • I believe things will turn out as they're meant to.
  • I believe old people aren't grouchy, just misunderstood
  • I believe sushi contains my daily serving of vegetables
  • I believe the purpose of fashion magazines is to make people feel dissatisfied
  • I believe that everyone should have access to health care
  • I believe that raffles are one of the worst panic inducers
  • I believe that if someone is getting on my nerves, I am probably getting on theirs
  • I believe it is okay to quit something, as long as you really did try
  • I believe music is always better live
  • I believe in cheating on the crossword puzzle after I get completely stuck
  • I believe the best way to have a friend is to be one
  • I believe in carelessness, as long as it is at your own cost
  • I believe in spending myself down to the dime to travel
  • I believe it is important to respect all opinions and beliefs
  • I believe that stacking my 5 lb. hand weights in front of my door will prevent an intruder
  • I believe the first amendment is an absolute
  • I believe women should not have to be afraid to walk alone at night
  • I believe that if you buy a tray of brownies, you might as well eat them all in one sitting, because eventually you're going to eat them all anyway
  • I believe anyone who finished high school should be able to appropriately use: your, you're, to, two, and too
  • I believe that you don't need to know a lot about sports to enjoy them
  • I believe that sleeping out under the stars (sans tent) is really underrated
  • I believe a fish can keep you company
  • I believe people need to feel purpose in their jobs
  • I believe you can often learn more about a person through their writing than you can through conversation

I'm sure I have many more, but I believe I am supposed to try and find something to do for work now. If want to help ease my boredom, you'll post your own list of believe statements, I'm sure I'll get some comedic relief from a few of you.


D.I. Zzo said...

I believe we're capable of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for.

Anonymous said...

I responded to your blog post on house cleanliness, and I believe we need to talk about it (not via blogs) and find a way to live happily with the state of the house.

Lindsay said...

I agree, perhaps we can later today.

flanhoodles said...

Wow! Whatcom has its own young professional society. Maybe I should start attending. You get so much out of the one you go to.