Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Highs and Lows of Downtime

Tomorrow I will be spending the day in Olympia, as the entourage/chaperon of our two fifth grade event winners. I am really excited to go down with them, however it is pure luck that I even found out I was supposed to go to Olympia on Thursday because my boss never told me. I found out from the director of the event who called to confirm that I had received my itinerary. "What itinerary?" I said. "Oh, didn't Tom tell you that you are supposed to go down to Olympia tomorrow? I talked to him about it last week!" Umm, no. No I didn't know anything about this. hmm.

I'm just going to say that Tom is in his office right now listening to the Dixie Chicks on high volume.

Now that that's off my chest...

Thanks to Lynn's blog I have spent a lot of time playing on It is addictive!! If you haven't tried it, you must. Since I have a lot of down time, I have also gotten to donate a LOT of rice! Here are some other things I appreciate about my down time:
1. I read the NY Times and the Skagit Herald every day and then usually the Seattle P-I too.
2. I get to leave fun comments on everyone's blogs
3. I have plenty of time to google/wikipedia my every passing whim
4. I get to read my book club book
5. Online shopping (not buying, just browsing)
6. Playing with Grouch
7. Studying all the scars on my body and reminiscing about childhood
8. Fiddling with the radio
9. Obsessively check email
10. Scrabbulous

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flanhoodles said...

i totally agree about downtime. if i were in an interview, and i were to answer honestly the question, "what did you most learn at your last job?", i would say, "i learned how to waste time even more effectively than i did in college."