Friday, March 28, 2008

Okay you talked me into it

I am going to copy Nicole and write a profile about one of my very favorite people ever, and my oldest friend.

Name: Allison Leigh

Nicknames: Toothpick, Gum Head, Al, Bud, Young Legs

Age: Newly 21

Hometown: Bellingham

Occupation: Student, Receptionist, Weirdo

Education: Going for a B.S. and then a Master's in Speech Language Pathology (yeah she's a smarty)

Likes: All things organic, yoga, CMT, shoes, singing along to her Ipod at the gym, Jodi Picoult novels, crocheting, Fergie, leg warmers, her hair, making soup, dancing, plotting to kill Nicole Kidman.

Dislikes: Any food that I really like, working more than two consecutive eight hour days, being told what to do, loaning out clothes, lifetime movie network, feathered hair pieces, losing at Monopoly.

Best Quotes: "Allison: And then I had my one hypothesi and, wait hypothesi that's right, right? Cause it's just one.
Me: Um, no. Hypothesis is already singular.
Allison: Oh, okay, so then in my hypotheSIS I said there was one octopi that...
Me: Umm, okay, now octopi is plural..."

"My hair looks so good in this picture. Can you believe how good it looks?"

"Sad... Can we get a turtle?" - Upon hearing the news that our pet hamster died

Her Favorite Quotes: "When things get too heavy, just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man."~Jimi Hendrix


Fun facts: Allison once performed the most awkward gymnastics routine that my family and pull it out and watch it on home video whenever we need a good laugh.

Allison's fire safety plan used to include parachuting out the second story window with a bed sheet.

She used to want to be a nutritionist, until she realized speech pathologists made a lot more money.

When telling people what she spent on an item of clothing, Allison will always deduct $5 from the price she actually paid.

The fastest way to win in a fight against Allison is to poke her squarely in between the shoulder blades. This also causes her to assume a very amusing stance, much like that of a stroke victim trying to dance.

And that's my sister in a nutshell. She's also a really warm, compassionate, and a complete goof-ball.

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KJW said...

Ohhh, nice silver shirt in that last picture!