Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flu, WWU

I have the flu. I should have gotten a flu shot this year but I procrastinated and it is too late. I am kind of a baby about being sick. On my way home from work yesterday I started to tear up and drove to my parents house to eat soup and watch cable. My dad got home and made me a grilled cheese and my mom got me some meds. I love being at home when I am sick. I get taken good care of. The flu is no fun, but I didn't have to go to work today, so although I have a fever and some achy joints and muscles, I also get to eat Jell-O (my mom gave me), nap and watch Pride & Prejudice - the six hour version. So being sick is not all bad. I like the resting and the not being at work parts.

WWU finally got back to me! I'm in! This is a huge relief as it means that I will be in school again this fall, most likely at Western. Now I feel like I can begin to make plans: look for a part-time job, think about housing for next year, etc. I applied for a marketing specialist position with the hospital, it is 25-28 hours per week and pays a LOT better than my current job. In fact, I think I would probably not lose anything in pay were I to get this job, even though it is less hours. Here's hoping. At least 1/2 of my problems are now solved, and that is Great!

I tried to think of a good acronym to start off this post with, but I settled for a commonly known one that rhymed with my sickness, how's that?


D.I. Zzo said...

Flu WWU? hmmm...

Feverish Lindsay Understands Wellness While Undertheweather.

Nailed it!

YOU GOT IN!!! I'm so proud of you. Now you get to start doing your favorite thing in the world -- making enormous life decisions!

Seriously, I'm thrilled. Congratulations!

flanhoodles said...

yay! congratulations!

KJW said...

WOOOOOO! Hooray! Yahoo! Holla fo' Lindsay! I am so happy for you!

And well done on the rhyming!

Nicole Kristine said...

Rhyming is nice, but sometimes has lice.
Acronyms are better, definitely not a fetter.

(Fetter = chain or shackle for the feet.) (which acronyms are not)

CONGRATULATIONS (whoopity whoopity woo!) on getting into Western! YEAH VIKINGS! WAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO.

Anonymous said...

Ode to Lindsay,

Lindsay my roommate,
Congrats to you,
We'll still be friends in B'ham,
IF you attend Western U.

No more boring job,
Or narcoleptic, post-it writing, "Can you file this for me?" Tom,
Hurrah for going back to school,
And maybe working at the same place as your mom.

(It's still a work in progress)

Lindsay said...

Nice Courtney! I like the poem

D.I. Zzo said...

Inspired by Courtney's wit:


Lindsay has fever
And admission to Western
Please don't sneeze on me.

Lindsay said...

Thanks, although I mostly like the part where flu and haiku rhyme.